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Jennifer Lopez’s Intimacy Tape

Jennifer Lopez’s sex recording is rumored to have been recorded during her first marital relationship, and her ex-husband’s organization partner is certainly preparing to release the sexy house video footage. Supposedly, there is higher than a dozens of hours of footage of the couple’s 97 honeymoon and a smattering of other sexy mishaps. However , it is unlikely that the photos will ever be viewed by the general public.

Relating to Education Mayer, the business partner of Noa, a video happens to be created, and strategies are in position to produce a DVD and stream it on the net. Even though, he claims now there is actually a legal loophole that allows him to do so.

Jennifer Lopez was betrothed to Ojani Noa in 1997. The pair split up six months afterward. They have since been hitched twice more, and have mixed twins, Maximillian and Emme.

Jennifer Lopez and her ex-husband, Ojani Noa, have been struggling it out in court over six years. Recently, a judge issued a temporary restraining order to block Noa out of selling the video.

As far as what exactly that Ojani Noa is attempting to do, the blueprint consists of saving more than a number of hours of footage from couple’s honeymoon, releasing it, and writing a tell-all book of their marriage. It’s a feat that no different celebrity has ever pulled away.

Even though the film may very well be a commercial failure, it might set an unhealthy precedent that other celebrities would try to make use of. In the meantime, the sex cassette is being held in a central depository per the court’s instructions.